Update on the Nuclear Test

So, it has been almost a week since the nuclear test in North Korea.  The issue, however, has started to see diminished coverage in the foreign media, as it has been overshadowed by issues like ISIL/ISIS, gun-control – in America spefically – international terror attacks throughout the world and elections.  In the Korean peninsula, the test has also started to see diminished front page coverage, though many news sources are still covering the test and the fallout.  First, I will give an update for everyone on what is happening in Korea and then point out the symbolism of such a trend in media coverage.

First, the update.  South Korea has responded to the nuclear test, as it resumed loud speaker broadcasts at the DMZ.  South Korea’s broadcasts are critical of Kim Jung-un and also consist of a few select K-Pop songs.  The broadcasts are being resumed after they ceased in August, after a rise in tension along the DMZ.  North Korea responded to the resumption of the loudspeakers by placing loudspeakers on their side of the border.  Broadcasts from the north are critical of Park Guen-hae and the South Korean government in general.  The coverage of North Korea’s broadcasts, however, is low and they are seaming to only drown out the broadcasts from South Korea.

America has also responded, with a physical response.  A few days ago, a B-52 bomber flew low over South Korea.  Its flight was meant to be a show of power by the United States.  Though this was a few days ago, North Korea has yet to respond to the flight, possibly due to it lack of ability to respond such a show of power.  However, a North Korean drone was sent back to North Korea after warning shots were fired by South Korea as it crossed the 38th parallel.  These trends highlight the heightened tension that exists on the peninsula, yet there has not been any diplomatic response as of yet.

Without a quick diplomatic response, North Korea has won.  The inability for the international community to put in place a solution to the nuclear test quickly shows the unprepared nature of the international community, which Kim Jung-un will use for his benefit.  Lack of a quick response do not mean that the international community is not responding, however.  Nations – South Korea, Japan, the United States, Russia and China – are all working to put in place a diplomatic solution with teeth.  Each nation has been analyzing what the test means for their intentions and trying to cooperate with the international community in order to put in place a diplomatic response that will assist everyone.  So far, Japan, South Korea and the United States have entered talks, though we can expect that nations, such as China and Russia, will enter the discussion soon.

What does the trend in media coverage show us?  It shows that life after a North Korean nuclear test has returned to normal.  We were worried for two days, with North Korea making the front page internationally, but now, life will resume as normal for billions and billions of people throughout the world.  The international community showed such response to first three nuclear tests.  After this fourth test, which was most likely of an advanced nuclear weapon, the world must stand up and show that life will not return to normal.  North Korea will always act up if we constantly show them as a small pebble in our shoe.  If we make containing North Korea, by establishing a long term goal for the peninsula, then we can show Kim that the regime is under constant surveillance and we are able to respond to their provocations quickly, damaging the Kim regime, without escalating tension on the peninsula.  The need for a long term goal, from every nation in the world, can not be understated.  A long term containment and unification goals are indispensable when attempting to negotiate with or contain North Korea.

P.S. – If you want to see any of the many articles that I used to gather information on the nuclear test, comment and I will post which articles and information you are interested in.


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