Revamping Site in July

So, I apologize for not commenting and sharing news for a few months.  I ahve been very busy, and currently am working on a piece to get published somewhere.  However, I am also looking to revamp this site in the coming month, by starting a few services which I am excited to share.  These will include, but are not limited to:

A Weekly Op-ed Translation Piece – this will be my translation of an op-ed piece from any of the major Korean news networks, with link provided to the original article.  I apologize for horrid translations, but I hope this will provide an interesting look at the Korean peninsula.

A Weekly Story Translation – this will be my translation of a story from a major Korean source.  I will try to keep it interesting and fun, but we shall see how it goes.

Weekly (or Daily) Updates – I will not commit to one or the other currently, but I will look to update the site on a regular basis with news from both North and South Korea.  I will make a decision as to how often it will be done – I am leaning toward Daily – in the near future.

Breaking News – This will only occur on special occasions, such as a weapons test, skirmish or other major from North or South Korea.  This will be in real time, with as much information as I can gather about a story within a few minutes.

Op-eds – This will be a very informally used, but I shall try to upload a few op-eds a month about my views on the Korean peninsula and politics.  This will have no particular amount per month, but I shall aim for at least 1-2 each moth.

North Korea Leadership Update – This will be a weekly update of the inner elite in North Korea.  This will focus on the acts of the people I decide to follow for this update, so I will try to keep it to simple reporting and updating.

There is the possibility of adding more diversity to this site, as well as expanding to other mediums, but I will make that call when the time comes.  For now, please wait as rework my ideas for this site.  I will try my best to maintain the site, but life may get in the way, so I apologize in advance.

All in all, that should amount to around 8 translations, up to 35 different updates (depending on how I structure it), and hopefully 1-3 of my own Op-eds per month, staring on July 1, 2016.  Again, I apologize for my horrible translations, but I figure they should improve as I continue to translate stuff.