Seoul’s Reaction to France Attacks

Thursdsy night, a truck drove through a crowd gathered to celebrate the Bastelli Day Holliday in Nice, France.  The driver, a French-Tunisian man, diliberatly drove into the crowd; his actions have left 84 dead, another 50 walking the tight rope between this world and the next, and even more wounded.  This nonsensical violence has drawn worldwide condemnation, with the international community rallying to support France in its time of need and suffering.

On Friday, South Korea joined the rally, offering its strong words of condemnation against the attack, and kind words of support to France and those who lives were lost in the attack.  The Foriegn Ministey, in a statement, called the attack a “barbaric terrorist attack” also offering up that such attacks cannot be condoned in any form in the world.

Seoul’s response also included some kind words for the families and the victims of this attack.  South Korea’s Foreign Ministry also said it is looking to see if any South Koreans died in the attack, though it appears that none did.

As the author, I also stand with France in this time of deep struggle, and believe that we should work together – nation helping nation – to ensure that such illogical acts never occur.  The international community should be appalled by such acts, and they should create an inferno driving us to ensure that we don’t live in fear of terrorism being written as our cause of death.  However, we cannot let this cloud and dilute our judgement of the at least millions of Muslims who are not violent, and in no way condone what has happened.  This attack raises many questions about Islam, but let’s work together to ensure that this attack doesn’t unnecessarily deepen rifts between brothers or sisters.


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