No Daily Update Tonight due to more Pressing News Around the Globe

Over the past two days, two major world events have shook the globe, leaving more people killed, some who should still be alive.  Nice fell victim to a truck attack, killing 84, wounding hundreds more -several currently on life support – and the death toll of that attack is only going to rise.  Turkey witnessed a bloody attempted military coup, exposing even greater, unforeseen tension in a region already brewing over with fighting and violence.  Earlier this week, Dallas, Texas – a city located only a few hours away from my hometown – fell victim to a vicious sniper attack which killed 5 police officers as they attempted to ensure the security of those protesting racial inequality in American policing tactics.

With these senseless acts in mind, I am canceling today’s daily update and with  this encourage those who read this blog to reflect on the entirety of the globe tonight, and not just South Korea, or the Middle East or America.  Violence has swept across this world in many incarnations, whether it terrorism perpetrated by any person seeking to push a political or religious agenda, whether it be a military coup staged in an effort unseat a leader they feel has wronged an entire nation, and this rise in violence affects not only those who fall victim, but the entire world.  We protect our children with a greater sense of fear gripping at our heels, begging us to strip them of the life they enjoy.  We seek to disarm the hatred by placing blame over an entire group of people for the acts of a few people.  Instead of discussing the changes of the Korean Peninsula tonight, I offer you, the reader of this post, a chance to reflect on what is occurring in this world, and why it is happening.  For it is only with a pure mind that we can see these events for what they are, without jumping to rash conclusions which would only bring more harm to those who live under the laws and abide by them for their life.  Tonight, please stand with the world as we work to revel the truth behind these actions, and work to sustainable, long term solutions.  Tonight, let’s reflect on the world and our position in it.  Finally, tonight, let’s work to create a world which is safe from the fear of a loved one being killed for simply being an innocent bystander to the world’s conflicts.

Thanks for reading and I hope to restart Daily Updates on Monday.


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