Daily Update – July 21

Again, as the Republican National Convention comes to a close, I wish to reiterate the need for us to make smart and responsible decisions in the upcoming election – those who live in the United States.  I have commented on Trump’s Korea policy and today I wish to present a very condensed version of that post.

Trump has supported: troop withdraw from South Korea unless Seoul pays more for stationed troops; preemptive strikes on  North Korea, which he has backed off of; and writing the North Korea issue to China; and talking directly with North Korea.

Trump is against: the Korea-US free trade agreement; currently preemptive strikes against North Korea, but this could change.  He also would favor not having the US involved in Korea – North or South – unless we make money from our involvement.

Trump has based his policy of the myth of Chinese total control over North Korea and other broad, misled ideas on the Korean Peninsula.

This is a shortened version of my earlier post on his policy.  I look forward to resuming Daily Updates tomorrow.  I would have done a more updatey update tonight if I hadn’t stayed up to watch Trump’s acceptance speech.


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