North Korea Leadership Watch Information

So, I am really excited to get this aspect of my blog up and running, but attempting to figure out the logistics has been very time consuming.  Essentially, the Leadership Watch component will examine the movements of the leadership of North Korea, focusing more on reporting, examining where they have been throughout the week.  This feature will have a few permanent fixtures, who will appear every week.  Those will include:

Kim Jung-un

Choe Ryong-hae

O Su-yong

Kim Rak-gyom

Hyon Yong-chol

These five, as well as others in Kim Jung-un’s inner circle not listed, most likely will become common fixtures here.  I hope to have at least two or three people in the update every week, though I can not make any real promises until I get into the grove of publishing this feature.  The first few posts may be very experimental in nature, but I will work with each post to figure out what works best for this feature.  I am looking forward to this, as it will be very interesting to start tracking the leadership for you all.  I hope you enjoy this new little feature.

Note: Every person will have a mini biography the first time they appear on this feature.  I will also have a page with a link to the biographies linked for your ease of use.


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