No Daily Update this Evening, But New Feature for Olympics

Since I, yet again, stayed up late for an important – at least it is important in my mind –  world event, I am not doing a Daily Update this evening.  Before you get all rilled up at the rampat cancellations – I think I have skipped a total of 5-6 updates in the last 2 months – I do want to introduce a new feature of this blog spefically for the Olympics.  For those curious enough, I watched the entire opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Rio.

Anyway, before I get too off track on discussing my ultimatley bad, yet rewarding decision, I will get into this new feature I am introducing for the duration of the Olympic Games.  Everynight, along side my Daily Update posts, I will do a short Olympic Update, following the atheletes from North and South Korea as they compete.  Seeing as I have no idea how exactly I wish to go about providing to the reader, I am going simply play it by ear and see what works.



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