Daily Update – August 8

Due to the Olympics, the Daily Updates for the next two weeks shall be a little skimpy in nature and quality, since I will be devoting an entire second post every day for the Olympics.

South Korea

Politics – The Saenuri Party, the ruling party in South Korea, is looking to chose new leadership in a convention on Tuesday.  At the convention, party leaders will look to stress party unity and overcoming its first ever minority in the National Assembly.  The party will elect a chair and four members to its decision making body, which has been under interm leadership since the crushing defeat in the elections a few months ago.  Currently, four party lawmakers looked positioned to make the move into the top position – Lee Ju-young, Joo Ho-young, Lee Jung-hyun and Han Sun-kyo – each promising to take the party forward.  For more information, please click the linked article.

Economy – Two Africans were charged with swindeling by the South Korean authorities.  One Cameroonian and one Liberian pretended to be American generals stationed in Syria with hopes of settleing in South Korea after they were discharged.  They contacted a South Korean woman, encouraging her to send them money so they could ship their gold bars to Korea, promising compensation upon entering the country.  They, however, did not pay her, and were caught when they approached the woman with a request for more money, while they were living in Seoul.  This is a cautionary tale, as I also read – regretfully without saving the link- another story about a foreigner being swindeled of money in Korea as well.  Please be careful, and if it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is.

Culture – The Japanese occupation period has become a very prominete theme in South Korean films this year.  Park Chan-wook, Hur Jin-ho, and Park Heung-sik have all put their own spin on the period in “The Handmadien,” “The Last Princess,” and “Love, Lies” respectively.  The upcoming film “The Age of Shadows” also takes on the occupation period, focusing on the freedom fighters prevalent throughout the time.  The film is expected to bring in a good viewership, and stars actor Song Kang-ho.

North Korea

North Korean soldiers are reciving a mere a 70 grams of food per meal, almost 30% of what the country recomends for their soldiers, according to a South Korean news agency.  Daily NK has reported that soliders are reciving anywhere from 100 to 150 grams, all of which fall under the UN recomended 600 grams per meal.  Daily NK did not offer too much on their source, saying they lived in North Ruyanggan province.


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