Olympic Update – Day 1-3

I apologize for not having an Olympic Update for the weekend, I was not feeling well and wanted to concentrate on feeling better, but here is Olympic update number 1 for Rio 2016.  I apologize for the lack of depth, as I am doing a whole weekend, the next updates will be more focused to say the least.

Medal Count

South Korea is currently ranked 8th in the medal count total with 5 total medals – 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

North Korea has one medal, a silver in weight lifting.


South Korea South Korea’s womens archery team continued its olympic dominace, winning its 8 straight gold medal this weekend.  South Korea’s mens archery team also won gold, defeating the United States.   However, South Korean archer Kim Woo-jin was defeated by Riau Ega Agatha of Indonesia with a final set score of 6-2.  South Korea’s two silver medals were won by An Baul in men’s Judo 66kg and Jeong Bokyeong in women’s Judo 48kg.  South Korea’s sole bronze was won by Yoon Jin-hee, in womens 53kg weightlifting.  South Korea also experienced a bad day on Monday in fencing, with fencers Kim Ji-yeon, Seo Ji-yeon and Hwang Seon-a knocked out earlier in the day.  Finally, South Korean Judo athlete An Chang-rim failed to proceed past the round of 16 in 73kg, and Kim Jan-di also lost in the women’s 57kg Judo in the round of 16.  Despite a harsh Monday, South Korea still looked poised to achieve its goal of wining at least 10 gold medals in the Rio Olympics.

North Korea  – Currently, North Korea has only one medal, a silver in men’s 56kg weightlifting, won by Om Yun-chol.  However, North Korea appears to be doing very well in table tennis, besting several opponents, but these are just quailifers.  North Korea has a consistently won at least one gold medal in the Olympics.


North and South Korean Gymnast take a Selfie.  This story really incorperates the true meaning of the olympics, placing aside political boundries to acknowledge those around us, and I was honestly moved by this picture.

South Korean Athletes to Watch – a list and explination of the athletes to watch in Rio, complied by the Korean Economic institute of America.



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