Olympic Update – Day 4

Medal Count

South Korea – South Korea won its 3rd gold medal and now sits with 3 golds, 2 silver and 1 bronze.

North Korea – North Korea won its second silver medal, which was also in wieghtlifting, bringing its current medal count to 2 silver medals.

Tuesday Breakdown

South Korea – South Korea had a more succesful Tuesday than it did on Monday.  Fencer Park Sang-young won gold in men’s individual epee fencing competition, defeating Geza Imre of Hungry by scoring 5 unanswered points, ending the match at 15-14.  South Korea also had more success in archery, as archers Lee Seung-yun and Chang Hye-jin made it to the round of 16 in individual compeition.  However, the success was not the only headlines for South Korea today, swimmer Pak Tae-hwan was eliminated in the 100 meter freestyle heats, but is hinting at a possible 5th Olympics in Tokyo.  Finally, reigning gold medal holder in women’s 25 meter pistol shooting was unable to defend her gold, fininshing 9th in the qualification rounds, one place away from reaching the finals.

North Korea – North Korea also had a decent day at the Olympics.  Weightlifter Choe Hyo-sim won the countries second silver medal in the womens 63kg weightlifting.  North Korea, like South Korea, also saw success in archery, with archer Kang Un-ju advancing through the round of 16 in archery, defeating Brazil’s Sarah Nikitin and Sweeden’s Christie Bjrendal.   North Korean tabel tennis player Kim Song-i defeated Singapore’s Yu Mengyu to advance to the semifinals in women’s table tennis.


Struggling Olympic Swimmer Hints at Return for 5th Olympics

South Korean Park Sang-yong wins gold in epee fencing

South Korean Archers Reach Round of 16 in Individual Events

South Korean Gold Drought Continues in Judo

Reigning Gold Medalist Fails to Reach Pistol Shooting Final

Star Crossed Hand-baller Out of Rio Games with Shoulder Injury

(Picture) Weightlifter Wins North Korea’s Second Medal in Rio



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