Olympic Update – Day 5

Medal Count

South Korea – South Korea had a busy day at the Olympics today, winning three medals – 1 gold and 2 bronze.  This brings South Korea’s medal count to 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, a total of 9 medals.

North Korea – North Korea also had a very productive day, winning 2 bronze medals, bringing its total to 4 medals – 2 silver, 2 bronze.


South Korea – South Korean shotter Jin Jong-oh won gold in the men’s 50 meter pistol competition, his third straight.  With his gold, Jin became the first shooter, male of female, to win three straight Olympic gold medals in ether the summer or the winter games.  A huge congradulations to him.  South Korea still sees a gold medal drought in Judo, but Gwak Dong-han won bronze in the 90kg by defeating Sweedish Judoian – I honestly have no idea what the word is – Marcus Nyaman, giving South Korea its first Judo medal in Rio.  Fencer Kim Jung-hwan, world number 2, also won a bronze medal for South Korea, defeating Iran’s Mojtaba Abedini 15-8.  This is South Korea’s second fencing medal in Rio.  Outside of finals, South Korea’s national soccer team defeated Mexico 1-0 and advanced to the quaterfinals, reaching their second Olympic knockout stage.  Finally, South Korea’s women’s volleyball team Argentina and now sits with 2 wins and 1 loss in pool play.  Their next game will be against Brazil on Friday.  Finally, South Korea’s women’s handball team finished in a 32-32 draw against the Netharlands.  They currently sit at 5th place in pool play and will play against France on Friday.

North Korea – North Korea had two major successes on Wednesday.  After falling to China’s Ding Ning, Table Tennis player Kim Song–i was able to defeat Japan’s Fukuhara Ai in the bronze medal match in straight sets, winning North Korea its fourth medal in Rio.  Also, shooter Kim Song-guk took home bronze in the men’s 50 meter pistol shooting, which was won by South Korea’s Jin Jong-oh.  Weightlifter Choe Jon-wi finished 7th in Group A in the mens 77kg weightlifting, with a top result of 343.  His result placed him 8th overall.  North Korea stil has yet to win a gold medal in Rio.


South Korea Reach Men’s Football Quaterfinal with win Over Mexico

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Table Tennis Player Delievers Fourth Olympic Medal for North Korea

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Park Congradulates South Korean Shooter on Winning Gold

South Korean Shooter Wins Historic Gold; Bronze From Fencing and Judo



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