Korean Liberation Day

Today, August 15, is National Liberation Day for the Korean Peninusla.  On this day, in 1945, Korea was liberated from the Japanese Colinal empire, with two major powers taking the helm in deciding Korea’s fate.  For many Koreans, liberation was a welcome treat; however, the treat would be short lived.  The Soviet Union and the United States would divide the Korean peninsula along the 38th parallel, thus creating the environment for the creation of North and South Korea.  This seperation was enacted as a short term endevour which would eventually dissapear and Korea would unify.  Ideological differences of the two major powers, however, would prove an insurmoutable obstacle, leaving the Korean people at the mercy of an ideological war which continues on the peninsula today.

Today is a wonderful day for all the Korean people.  On this day, one should not look at Korea as a divided peninsula.  Today should show us the fervor and determination of the Korean people, who did not just give into Japanese rule, but instead fought to gain a freedom which they saw as a right.

I will close this post simply by saying, Happy Liberation Day to those in Korea.


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