Breaking News: North Korea Fires SLBM

North Korean has fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile in the East Sea.  The launch comes as North Korea is reacting to the US-ROK military drills which started on Monday and are slated to be the bigger than ever before.  North Korea has constantly defied sanctions around the time of military drills, firing missiles and threatening nuclear strikes on Korean and American military bases around the world.  As it currently stands, today’s launch is a protest to the most recent drills.

While the drills alone tend to draw an aggressive response from North Korea, the current situation on the Korean peninsula is ripe for the most aggressive action of protest aginst the military drills.  South Korea has agreed to a THAAD deployment in country and North Korea is currently riding a wave of military and high-level defections.  With this in mind, the reaction to the drills must be monitored with the utmost importance, as a more volatile situation could provoke North Korea into more provocative action than before.  It is important that the United States and South Korean forces show restraint in the drills, sticking to the layout and not deviating and causing an unnecessary rise in tension on the peninsula.


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