Nuclear Update

The world has sprung into action following the nuclear test.  Japan has convened its National Security Council in response to the test.  South Korea is also calling its National Security Council to meet on Friday (South Korean time).  Across the world, the White House has acknowledged the seismic activity in North Korea and is looking into the possibility of a North Korean nuclear test.  Chinese state media also posted a picture of students who were evacuated during the test (will post analysis with a citation to this tomorrow when there is more on the test).  Stay tuned for more updates as they become known.

Edit at 11:30pm (12:30pm Friday Korean Time) :  Japan has come to the conclusion that the earthquake was in fact from a nuclear test.  The world is wondering how it came to such a conclusion.  However, Japan has lobbied a protest with the North Koreans for the test.  South Korean president Park Geun-hae has called United States president Barak Obama to discuss the nuclear test.  So far North Korea has not acknowledged the test and its next news broadcast is scheduled for 5pm local time.


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