Breaking News: Court Upholds Attackers Sentance

Today, South Korea’s top court upheld the sentence of Kim Ki-Jong for assaulting U.S. Ambassabor Mark Lippert in 2015.  Kim was at the same breakfast event as Lippert, at which Kim assaulted Lippert with a knife.  The attack resulted in Lippert needing over 80 stitches.

The attack coiencided with joint military drills occurring in South Korea, thus during a very tense time on the peninsula in 2015.

Many argued that Kim should be sentenced under the National Security Law.  The law bars South Korean nationals from engaging in act benifiting North Korea or communicating with North Koreans.  However, a lower court decided that Kim, despite making arguments which are very similar to those of North Korea, is not an anti-state actor.  The top court upheld this decision.

Kim’s sentence involves the time for the assualt and an 18 month sentance handed down for assaulting a prison guard and a doctor.

Reported by Yonhap News


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