Breaking News: Falied Missile Launch

On Saturday, North Korea attempted to launch a Musandan missile from a location near the northwestern city of Kusong.  The launch occurred around 12:33pm near the Sohae launch zone.

US Strategic Command is calling the test a failure, with NORAD confirming that the missile appears to be a Musudan Medium Range Balistic Missile, saying it posed no threat to North America.

This test is cause for concern for a variety of reasons: 1) it, obviously, shows North Korean continued push for a successful and robust missile program; and 2) the Musudan missile uses a propulsion system (I am typing on my phone so this may not be the best wording for this) which is similar to what a KN-08/KN-14 does.  This means that even when tests results in failure, North Korea is gaining information which may be useful to constructing an ICBM.


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