Breaking News: Choi Soon-sil Returns to South Korea

Choi Soon-sil, the woman at the center of  President Park Geun-hae’s scandal, has returned to South Korea (Yonhap).  Previously, she had spent time in Germany, avoiding questions regarding her actions.

Choi is being investigated for getting documents and access from Park.  According to reports, Choi was given classified documents, speeches, and advised Park on a variety of topics including politics and even dress despite not having a requisite security clearance or position in the Park administration.

Park has been called to step down in light of the revelations, though this is highly unlikely (Washington Post).  Saenuri party officials are also looking to distance themselves from Park, calling for her to leave the party.  This scandal may have a profound influence on the election, though it is tough to tell at the moment.  Also, criminal charges may be pursued against Park and Choi, though, again, it is difficult to tell at this moment what actions prosecutors will take.

After this news broke, a mass exodus of officials in the Park administration is underway; even her chief of staff has resigned from the administration (The Guardian).

*Source citations have been added to this post as promised


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