American Election Day

Today the United States will select a new president to lead our wonderful nation for the four years.  Sadly, the choices are no where close to being good.  Anyway, a few points on the candidates Korea policies.

Hillary Clinton

  • Hillary will work to assure allies are taken care of
  • She also has advocated for the use of sanctions against North Korea
  • She worked to established a trilateral defense system with Tokyo and Seoul
  • Worked with Obama on Strategic Patience toward North Korea
  • Was pivotal in crafting Obama’s pivot to Asia during her tenure as Secretary of State

Donald Trump

  • Has advocated for a strategic strike on North Korean nuclear facilities (though has since redacted this as a possiblity)
  • Donald would remove troops from South Korea unless Korea pays more for them to be stationed there
  • Has advocated that the international community leave the North Korean issue for China to fix
  • Called to have a talk with Kim over nuclear weapons and one can assume human rights abuses in North Korea as well as other issues (though Trump never said exactly what the talks would entail)
  • Trump also is in favor South Korea possessing nuclear weapons in the future as a deterrent from North Korean attack.

To those who vote today, please vote consciously and choose the candidate you most agree with and who you think could lead America to a more prosperous future. 


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