Holiday Site News

The holiday is coming up and I want to wish all the readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays throughout the world.  As for me, I will be posting one more short analysis piece on the current infighting in the Saenuri party, then will be taking a vacation from posting for the holidays.  (I know my posting recently has been spotty at best, but I am working on it.)  If anything major on the peninsula happens during the holiday season, I promise to write short breaking updates, but that is all I will be doing over the majority of the holiday season.  I will also try to get a “2017 on the peninsula” post up around the first of the year, though no promises because life is a thing.  As for the return of Daily Updates, analysis pieces and the like, I will try to commit to a mid-January start of these posts.  No promises on this, again since life is a thing I am trying to figure out, and because of this I will not commit to a hard date to restart those posts.  I do wish you all a Happy Holidays and I am awaiting 2017 and its implications for Korea and the world.


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