Leadership Alert: Kim Jung-un sacks Head of Spy Agency

Reports on Friday suggest that Kim Jung-un has relieved the Minister of State Security Kim Wong-hong, 72.  Kim was also demoted from full general to major general, according to the Korean Ministry of Unification (based in Seoul).  He was demoted and let go after an internal probe found the Ministry of State Security had abused its power (Yonhap).  Typically the North Korean Ministry of State Security oversees prison camps, follows reactionary groups within North Korean society, and arrests those who flee the country.

The removal of Kim from power is a political move meant to consolidate power by Kim Jung-un.  However, Jeong Joon-hee, a spokesman at the Ministry of Unification, argued that such a move may weaken the relationship between Kim Jung-un and the elites in North Korea as many start to fear for their jobs (Yonhap).  While shoring up some support within the upper circles, this may give Kim Jung-un more support from the masses, though many typically focus on the day to day necessities and not what goes on in the government.  Either way, this is yet another purge undertaken by Kim Jung-un since he has taken over the reigns of North Korea.


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