Breaking News: Kim Jung-un Brother Dead in Malaysia

ÝÁ ±èÁ¤³², ¸»·¹À̽þƼ­ ÇÇ»ì(Image: Kim Jung-nam being escorted.  Source: Korea Herald; The Telegraph)

Kim Jung-nam, older half-brother to North Korean leader Kim Jung-un, has been confirmed to have died on the way to catch a plane in Malaysia.  He was on his way to catch a plane in Kula Lumpur International Airport when he started to feel ill and was then transported to the airport clinic.  From there, they decided to take him to the hospital when he still felt ill.  Kim Jung-nam passed away in the ambulance (BBC).  The exact cause of death is currently unknown.

A TV Chosun report was the first to speculate that Kim Jung-nam had been poisoned.  According to the report, two North Korea women approached Kim from behind and used needles to inject him with the poison (TV Chosun*).  The women have so far been able to evade police searches in Malaysia (The Telegraph).

Kim Jung-nam was the son of Kim Jung-il and his first wife Sung Hae-rim.  In 2001, Kim Jung-nam was captured trying to enter Japan on a fake visa.  The incident, many analysts believe, soured his chances of taking over the country (The Telegraph).  However, some analysts also believe his fate was settled when Kim Jung-il started to favor Ko Yong-hee, Kim Jung-un’s mother, over Sung Hae-rim (New York Times).  After falling out of favor with his father, Kim Jung-nam spent the majority of his time abroad, leaving behind his life in North Korea.  While being questioned by a reporter in Macau, Kim Jung-nam responded to his being past up, saying that succession was his father’s decision (New York Times).  Kim Jung-nam was also pro-Chinese.

If confirmed as an attack, this would be the highest profile death since Kim Jung-un had his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, killed in 2013.[1]

[1] Updated on February 14 at 11pm to reflect an error in reporting.  Originally reported that Jang was purged in 2010, when he was actually executed in December of 2013.


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Kim Jung-un Brother Dead in Malaysia”

    1. From the start, there was signs that pointed at poison. The majority of them coming from his story and the TV Chosun report. I don’t think eveidence will ever point to a 100% certain cause of death, but I do suspect he was poisoned.


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