Breaking News: South Korean Court Upholds Park’s Impeachment

The Constitutional Court of South Korea presented the most high profile ruling of recent times. In an unprecedented move–though with reason enough–the court voted to uphold the motion, officially booting Park from the office of President of South Korea. The move will present the people of South Korea and President Park with a tough path ahead. For the people, an election will be held within 60 days, with many targeting May 9 as a potential election day. After months of turmoil, the opposition parties–People’s Party, Minjoo Party, etc–have a higher chance of taking the election, odds which may be bolstered by the recusal of Ban Ki-moon who was seen as capable of remolding the conservative faction. For Park, the decision means removal of the office’s protection and benefits. On one hand–by far the least of her worries–Park will not be able to get the benefits bequeathed to former presidents. More concerning for Park, the decision means she is no longer covered by the office of President and may face prosecution for her actions. I will post a more analytical coverage of the decision in tonight’s Daily Update.


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