Breaking News: North Korea Tests it all Again

Kyodo News Agency, a Japanese news source, reported that North Korea may have tested multiple missiles on Wednesday (Kyodo News). South Korean government agencies quickly worked to authenticate the information.

After a few hours, South Korean military officials called the alleged test a failure (Yonhap News). Investigations still need to be conducted to confirm the test, indentify the types of missiles tested, and asses the failure to determine what Pyongyang might have gained from the test.

The test comes at a time when Pyongyang is acting in a more belligerent manner as it tests the Trump administration. Over the last two months, Kim oversaw the test of a new engine and two missile tests. Without Trump taking a stance on North Korea, Kim Jung-un is likely to continue to push the envelope as a way of seeing exactly how much he can get away with; a nuclear test is even famthomable as a way to draw Trump’s attention.


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