Breaking News: US Sends Naval Presence Around Korea

The carrier group of the USS Carl Vinson is returning to Korea to serve as a physical presence after North Korean belligerent actions (Reuters). The group recently participated in joint drills in Korea and was rerouted from a scheduled port in Australia (Fox News). The group consists of the USS Carl Vinson and several cruisers and support ships. The USS Carl Vinson is an American nuclear-powered carrier (Yonhap).

Deployment of the Carl Vinson comes just after Trump’s meeting with Xi Jinping in Florida. At the meeting the two found common ground on the urgency of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (CNN).

It is routinely common for American ships to operate in the area, as North Korea continues to rattle its sabers. This is the first response to North Korean provocation–other than words–of the new administration and may signal a more hawkish approach to the issue.


April 10: Added nuclear-powered detail into paragraph 1.


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