Daily Update: Manchester Statment

On May 22, as an Ariana Grande concert was winding down in the Manchester Arena, an explosion rocked through the foyer of the venue around 10:30 pm. The blast killed 22 people, the youngest an eight-year-old girl by the name of Saffie Rose Roussos (NY Times). Another 59 were wounded in the attack, many under the age of 16 years old. Today, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, survivors, and their families as they just begin to cope with the senseless actions of those horrifying hours.

The attacker, a 22-year-old British native who was of Libyan descent, died in the attack. At the time of the attack, he was known to British intelligence agencies, but was not under investigation or considered a high risk (The Guardian). Following the attack, police conducted a raid on his residence to collect information vital to the counterterrorism investigation now under way (Sky News). Another was arrested following the attack (The Daily Star).[1]

The attack was widely condemned by political leaders the world over. British Prime Minister Theresa May, in a statement, called the attack “sickening” and said that “the spirit of Britain is far mightier than the sick plots of terrorists” (CBS).  The terror level in Britain has been raised to critical for the first time in almost a decade. American President Donald Trump called the attack a “horrible thing” while chastising the attacker as an “evil loser” (NBC). Korea strongly condemned the attack as well. In a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Cho Jun-hyuk called the attack “barbaric” and that South Korea “cannot hide shock and anger over the many lives lost” (Yonhap).

We at The Korea Page find the attack appalling and senseless. Any life taken is the shattering of dreams, destruction of possibilities, and elimination of promise from a world in desperate need of all of those things. These feelings are compounded when the target of such asinine violence is children. We also want to express our most heartfelt appreciation for those first responders and citizens who stepped up in a time of desperation to assist strangers in their time of peril. You all are the soft hearts which make Manchester the city it is.

There is nothing that words alone can do but show solidarity to those who are experiencing their hardest times. Words, though powerful, tend to lack the comforting aspect which so many are in need of. To show solidarity with those affected by this tragedy, I implore all you readers to take a moment to reflect and send your thoughts out to Manchester tonight before you go to sleep or this morning before work or before you take a bite of lunch. Where ever we are, let’s show those who wish to harm us that they can and will not break our spirit. As humans, let’s show those who wish to break us apart, that through tragedy we grow, through tragedy we develop into more global and connected citizens. Let our actions speak louder than our words as we all work to assist, in whatever fashion we can, to show the citizens of Manchester that we hold them in our hearts, in our minds, and in our prayers.[2]

[1] I am consciously not listing the names of those involved in the attack in order to keep the focus on those who lost their lives on Monday.

[2] Instead of restarting Daily Updates tonight, I felt this to be more appropriate. Normal posting will resume tomorrow.

Author News: Semi-hiatus

Dear readers,

I apologize for not updating this blog in about a week, but I’ve been very busy in getting a schedule set for myself with new jobs. So until the election, I’m going to take a hiatus to follow the news. I will still do breaking News and post a short piece on the different candidates. Until I start again, have a good time and stay informed.

Breaking News: Moon Jae-in Wins Democratic Nomination

Moon Jae-in has won the nomination for the Democratic Party in the 2017 race for the Blue House. Moon’s win was honestly nothing new, as he has held high approval ratings throughout the nomination process, and even before. Moon swept the primaries, securing over 57% of the overall vote (Korea Times). I am sorry my post on Hong Joon-pyo is not finished yet, but it will be up shortly. I will also write a briefer on Moon Jae-in.

Site News: Shifting in Post Style for Today and Tomorrow

In light of news from the peninsula–arrest of Park and announcement of Liberty Party candidate–there will be no Daily Update tonight. Don’t fret, however. Today and tomorrow I am going to write short pieces on each story in order to cover them fully.

Apologies and Event Videos to Bide your Time

Dear wonderful readers,

I write with the sincerest of apologies for not writing this week, in terms of Daily Updates. Daily life and more pressing matters–job hunting–have been consuming my time, therefore leading to a lack in posting. SORRY! However, in lieu of posting this week–an atrocity I know–this post will have some links to videos for you guys to watch to pass the time. I will go with two or three only cause they may be fairly long.

Addressing the North Korean Threat: A Discussion with Congressman Joe Wilson: An event hosted by the Hudson Institute which delves into some analysis on the North Korea issue as it stands today. I am currently watching this one. It will help place some understanding of the threat and how congress is working to counter North Korea’s provocations.

Global Security Forum 2016: Challenges from North Korea: This one is a little older, but still has good information in it. The panel addresses several hypothetical scenarios throughout the hour long video. (A little partiality here since my favorite North Korean researcher is on the panel.) Honestly, any Center for Strategic and International Studies event on North Korea would be worth watching to gather some more information.

I hope these two videos tide you all over until I start up the Daily Updates again. Until then, enjoy every minute you are alive. Also, I will still cover major stories in the Breaking News category, and the New Year’s Speech Analysis is coming together and will be up this month, even though it is ridiculously late in posting.


Site News: Tonight’s Daily Update 

It’s a few hours till Daily Update is posted, but I wanted to warn of a change in post style.  In lieu of international events–the diplomatic fallout of Kim Jong-nam assassination, North Korea’s latest missile launch, and developments regarding THAAD–tonight’s post will focus on those stories rather than a general overview of the day’s news. That is all and I look forward to writing today’s Daily Update in a few hours.