The New Arrival

Greetings! I’m Leon Newkirk, your local anime nerd with a casual interest in Korean and Japanese culture. I’m here to cover the non-political topics like webtoons, dating, nightclubs, Korean food and whatever else comes to my mind that week. I hope to add some new things to the blog as well as learn and expand my knowledge of Korean culture. I’m happy for you all to have me and hope we can all have a good time. Until then!

Editor’s Remarks:  All of Leon’s posts can be found under the tag with his name.  Feel free to check out his fast facts on our “About the Authors” page.


Site News: New Contributor

Dear readers,

This site has been expanding throughout the last half year, and I am proud to announce the biggest expansion since I have started this site.  The Korea Page now has a new contributor.  Leon Newkirk is a man who is obsessed with Asian cultures and will focus mostly on Korean cultural analysis and reporting.  This will include posts about manhwa and so on, though he shall have the ability to post about anything.  I hope you all find his wonderful posts insightful and enjoyable.  Like all of you glorious readers, I am excited to read what he has to offer and look forward to him sharing his thoughts on this website.  Welcome to the Korea Page family Leon Newkirk.