Upcoming Posts and Pages

Hello Dear readers,

I know it has been a long two-weeks since the summit, and I promise that I have been hard at work. Coming up tomorrow will be my in-depth analysis of the summit. I also have been devoting some time to developing a page devoted to the summit. This page will include primary sources, media coverage from all angles, and will be a source of information on the summit. It has been a pleasure to develop that page and I look forward to it being up soon–I don’t know exactly when yet.

Also, there may be some other changes coming up as I am thinking of new ideas. I promise to keep you all in the loop with the happenings on this site.

Thank you all for reading this site. If you have any ideas on how this site can be better, please make sure to let me know and I will try to incorporate ideas for you all to enjoy.


Site News: New Page with Links

As a way for the reader to go deeper into the topics and stories I write about on this blog, I have created a new page with links to really good material for further reading on Korea.  It has a section with online sources, including links to news sites and individual op-eds from a wide variety of sources, and then a list of some of my favorite print source material–books and scholarly articles.  I hope it helps those interested to navigate the complex field which is Korean studies and politics.  Disclaimer, all those listed on the page are my favorite sources and I highly recommend them all.  Anyway, here is the link to the page, but you can also access the page in the upper right side of my blog.  Enjoy the extra information guys 🙂

Leadership Watch Feature Update

I promise this feature is coming, I am just trying to ensure it is worth posting and will be full of diverse information.  This weekend I will post the first Leadership Watch, which may be very minimal, but I will work to expand the feature with each post.  Thanks for your patience as I work out all the kinks of running this site as I go.  Thanks for your patience.

No Daily Update this Evening, But New Feature for Olympics

Since I, yet again, stayed up late for an important – at least it is important in my mind –  world event, I am not doing a Daily Update this evening.  Before you get all rilled up at the rampat cancellations – I think I have skipped a total of 5-6 updates in the last 2 months – I do want to introduce a new feature of this blog spefically for the Olympics.  For those curious enough, I watched the entire opening ceremony for the Olympic Games in Rio.

Anyway, before I get too off track on discussing my ultimatley bad, yet rewarding decision, I will get into this new feature I am introducing for the duration of the Olympic Games.  Everynight, along side my Daily Update posts, I will do a short Olympic Update, following the atheletes from North and South Korea as they compete.  Seeing as I have no idea how exactly I wish to go about providing to the reader, I am going simply play it by ear and see what works.


North Korea Leadership Watch Information

So, I am really excited to get this aspect of my blog up and running, but attempting to figure out the logistics has been very time consuming.  Essentially, the Leadership Watch component will examine the movements of the leadership of North Korea, focusing more on reporting, examining where they have been throughout the week.  This feature will have a few permanent fixtures, who will appear every week.  Those will include:

Kim Jung-un

Choe Ryong-hae

O Su-yong

Kim Rak-gyom

Hyon Yong-chol

These five, as well as others in Kim Jung-un’s inner circle not listed, most likely will become common fixtures here.  I hope to have at least two or three people in the update every week, though I can not make any real promises until I get into the grove of publishing this feature.  The first few posts may be very experimental in nature, but I will work with each post to figure out what works best for this feature.  I am looking forward to this, as it will be very interesting to start tracking the leadership for you all.  I hope you enjoy this new little feature.

Note: Every person will have a mini biography the first time they appear on this feature.  I will also have a page with a link to the biographies linked for your ease of use.