Publishing During the Summit

Today there will be a lot of news from the summit, and it feels like the right time to step back into analyzing the peninsula. Throughout the day, I will be updating the blog with analysis and updates of this historic meeting.

I will work to reestablish the old publishing schedule in the coming days, but for now, lets sit back and watch the summit.


Publishing Change

Slight change in the publishing schedule for today and tomorrow. Daily Updates will be replaced by an analysis post of the latest rocket launch from North Korea.

Daily Reading: In lieu of North Korea’s latest provocation, an important question arises: how will the United States protect itself if Pyongyang launches an ICBM on Washington? In a wonderful feature for the Washington Post, Bonnie Berkowitz and Aaron Steckleberg explain the GMD system and why it may leave the United States vulnerable during such an attack. Read about the system, and its pros and cons at: Bonnie Berkowitz and Aaron Steckleberg, “If North Korea Fires a Nuclear Missile at us, How Would We Try To Stop It?Washington Post, November 29, 2017.