Upcoming Posts and Pages

Hello Dear readers,

I know it has been a long two-weeks since the summit, and I promise that I have been hard at work. Coming up tomorrow will be my in-depth analysis of the summit. I also have been devoting some time to developing a page devoted to the summit. This page will include primary sources, media coverage from all angles, and will be a source of information on the summit. It has been a pleasure to develop that page and I look forward to it being up soon–I don’t know exactly when yet.

Also, there may be some other changes coming up as I am thinking of new ideas. I promise to keep you all in the loop with the happenings on this site.

Thank you all for reading this site. If you have any ideas on how this site can be better, please make sure to let me know and I will try to incorporate ideas for you all to enjoy.


Publishing Change

Slight change in the publishing schedule for today and tomorrow. Daily Updates will be replaced by an analysis post of the latest rocket launch from North Korea.

Daily Reading: In lieu of North Korea’s latest provocation, an important question arises: how will the United States protect itself if Pyongyang launches an ICBM on Washington? In a wonderful feature for the Washington Post, Bonnie Berkowitz and Aaron Steckleberg explain the GMD system and why it may leave the United States vulnerable during such an attack. Read about the system, and its pros and cons at: Bonnie Berkowitz and Aaron Steckleberg, “If North Korea Fires a Nuclear Missile at us, How Would We Try To Stop It?Washington Post, November 29, 2017.

Different Style for the Week

Seeing as I have been a little fainéant in terms of posting, for which I apologize, this week will be structured differently. Tomorrow, the post will cover some big stories out of South Korea over the long pause, focused mainly on more recent events. Friday, I’ll get up a North Korea summary of news which will follow a similar outline.

After that, there will hopefully be a routinization of posts to keep fresh material on the blog.

Restarting Posts: Analysis and Daily Updates Coming Back

Ok, so I took a very long hiatus from this blog with the intention of restarting the posting schedule a couple of times. Seeing as it is now officially autumn, there is no longer any excuse to continue procrastinating the restart of material for this blog. Here is what the restart will entail:

A briefer on the rising tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, focusing on the ICBM and nuclear tests will be the main analysis piece.

Daily updates will resume starting on Monday and will be Monday-Friday, as they always have been.

Anyway, its good to be back and I look forward to sharing a ton of wonderful news with everyone as the year comes to a close and we look forward to 2018.

It’s a Comeback!

Wow, summer was a busy time and I am glad that it is winding down. Since I have had some changes in my life, it will be possible for more time to be devoted to this blog and I am super excited that I am able to come back and restart posting!

I am going to restart this week with a special post on the rising tensions on the peninsula, arguing that North Korea’s ICBM tests were, for lack of better terms, telegraphed through past events and, despite the rapid changes, that the current arsenal in Pyongyang’s possession is not a direct threat to the United States. I also hope to illuminate some paths forward toward de-escalating the tensions currently on the peninsula. I am going to try to get at least one longer argument post out per month, but hopefully more.

Next week, I will start posting normally and I am glad to be back writing Daily Updates, Breaking News reports, special posts, and more. Thank you for staying with me and I hope you all are ready to gain more understanding to the Korean peninsula!

Corrections: A previous rendition of this post used the word “eliminate” when it should have said “illuminate.”