It’s a Comeback!

Wow, summer was a busy time and I am glad that it is winding down. Since I have had some changes in my life, it will be possible for more time to be devoted to this blog and I am super excited that I am able to come back and restart posting!

I am going to restart this week with a special post on the rising tensions on the peninsula, arguing that North Korea’s ICBM tests were, for lack of better terms, telegraphed through past events and, despite the rapid changes, that the current arsenal in Pyongyang’s possession is not a direct threat to the United States. I also hope to illuminate some paths forward toward de-escalating the tensions currently on the peninsula. I am going to try to get at least one longer argument post out per month, but hopefully more.

Next week, I will start posting normally and I am glad to be back writing Daily Updates, Breaking News reports, special posts, and more. Thank you for staying with me and I hope you all are ready to gain more understanding to the Korean peninsula!

Corrections: A previous rendition of this post used the word “eliminate” when it should have said “illuminate.”


Author News: Semi-hiatus

Dear readers,

I apologize for not updating this blog in about a week, but I’ve been very busy in getting a schedule set for myself with new jobs. So until the election, I’m going to take a hiatus to follow the news. I will still do breaking News and post a short piece on the different candidates. Until I start again, have a good time and stay informed.

Site News: Shifting in Post Style for Today and Tomorrow

In light of news from the peninsula–arrest of Park and announcement of Liberty Party candidate–there will be no Daily Update tonight. Don’t fret, however. Today and tomorrow I am going to write short pieces on each story in order to cover them fully.

Apologies and Event Videos to Bide your Time

Dear wonderful readers,

I write with the sincerest of apologies for not writing this week, in terms of Daily Updates. Daily life and more pressing matters–job hunting–have been consuming my time, therefore leading to a lack in posting. SORRY! However, in lieu of posting this week–an atrocity I know–this post will have some links to videos for you guys to watch to pass the time. I will go with two or three only cause they may be fairly long.

Addressing the North Korean Threat: A Discussion with Congressman Joe Wilson: An event hosted by the Hudson Institute which delves into some analysis on the North Korea issue as it stands today. I am currently watching this one. It will help place some understanding of the threat and how congress is working to counter North Korea’s provocations.

Global Security Forum 2016: Challenges from North Korea: This one is a little older, but still has good information in it. The panel addresses several hypothetical scenarios throughout the hour long video. (A little partiality here since my favorite North Korean researcher is on the panel.) Honestly, any Center for Strategic and International Studies event on North Korea would be worth watching to gather some more information.

I hope these two videos tide you all over until I start up the Daily Updates again. Until then, enjoy every minute you are alive. Also, I will still cover major stories in the Breaking News category, and the New Year’s Speech Analysis is coming together and will be up this month, even though it is ridiculously late in posting.