Restarting Posts: Analysis and Daily Updates Coming Back

Ok, so I took a very long hiatus from this blog with the intention of restarting the posting schedule a couple of times. Seeing as it is now officially autumn, there is no longer any excuse to continue procrastinating the restart of material for this blog. Here is what the restart will entail:

A briefer on the rising tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, focusing on the ICBM and nuclear tests will be the main analysis piece.

Daily updates will resume starting on Monday and will be Monday-Friday, as they always have been.

Anyway, its good to be back and I look forward to sharing a ton of wonderful news with everyone as the year comes to a close and we look forward to 2018.


Apologies for not posting

I wanted to offer a quick apology for the lack in posting this summer. I am looking at reworking my posting structure for the summer but will continue to post as big stories break. My current job requires a ton of work over summer, sadly.

Thanks for the understanding.

Author News: Semi-hiatus

Dear readers,

I apologize for not updating this blog in about a week, but I’ve been very busy in getting a schedule set for myself with new jobs. So until the election, I’m going to take a hiatus to follow the news. I will still do breaking News and post a short piece on the different candidates. Until I start again, have a good time and stay informed.

Apologies and Event Videos to Bide your Time

Dear wonderful readers,

I write with the sincerest of apologies for not writing this week, in terms of Daily Updates. Daily life and more pressing matters–job hunting–have been consuming my time, therefore leading to a lack in posting. SORRY! However, in lieu of posting this week–an atrocity I know–this post will have some links to videos for you guys to watch to pass the time. I will go with two or three only cause they may be fairly long.

Addressing the North Korean Threat: A Discussion with Congressman Joe Wilson: An event hosted by the Hudson Institute which delves into some analysis on the North Korea issue as it stands today. I am currently watching this one. It will help place some understanding of the threat and how congress is working to counter North Korea’s provocations.

Global Security Forum 2016: Challenges from North Korea: This one is a little older, but still has good information in it. The panel addresses several hypothetical scenarios throughout the hour long video. (A little partiality here since my favorite North Korean researcher is on the panel.) Honestly, any Center for Strategic and International Studies event on North Korea would be worth watching to gather some more information.

I hope these two videos tide you all over until I start up the Daily Updates again. Until then, enjoy every minute you are alive. Also, I will still cover major stories in the Breaking News category, and the New Year’s Speech Analysis is coming together and will be up this month, even though it is ridiculously late in posting.


2017 Post Schedule and Other Site News

Dear wonderful readers, I first want to start by expressing my deepest condolences to those who lost their lives and were injured in the airport shooting in Florida yesterday.  This was another senseless act of violence and my thoughts go out to everyone affected by this horrendous act.

As for my return, I am starting to work on my post covering the New Year’s speech by Kim.  That post will also include a look ahead for the peninsula into 2017.  That post should be up within a couple weeks at most – currently tied up by extraneous events.  This will be my first post of 2017.

As for returning to Daily Updates and other more regular functions of this blog, I am expecting to start those in February. I apologize for leaving out January, but personal items are coming first.  As for Breaking News and Updates, those will continue throughout January if anything of note is to happen in Korea.

Thank you for being wonderful readers and I look forward to having a lot of fun analyzing Korea in 2017 for all of you.

Holiday Site News

The holiday is coming up and I want to wish all the readers of this blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays throughout the world.  As for me, I will be posting one more short analysis piece on the current infighting in the Saenuri party, then will be taking a vacation from posting for the holidays.  (I know my posting recently has been spotty at best, but I am working on it.)  If anything major on the peninsula happens during the holiday season, I promise to write short breaking updates, but that is all I will be doing over the majority of the holiday season.  I will also try to get a “2017 on the peninsula” post up around the first of the year, though no promises because life is a thing.  As for the return of Daily Updates, analysis pieces and the like, I will try to commit to a mid-January start of these posts.  No promises on this, again since life is a thing I am trying to figure out, and because of this I will not commit to a hard date to restart those posts.  I do wish you all a Happy Holidays and I am awaiting 2017 and its implications for Korea and the world.